Does Money Stress You Out?

We'll help you Stress Less By creating a budget that works for your life

Why Find Your 

Money path?

  • What if you could save up for that vacation quicker? What if that debt was paid off sooner than expected?

  • We help people focus on the "why" behind why they want to make progress with money.

  • Knowing your "why" helps make it easier to stay on track with money.

  • Check out testimonials below from clients and how the process works.

What Find Your

Money Path Does


Mid 20's Female

Atlanta, GA

Last year, I became a recent graduate from college. I felt very overwhelmed to the point I was drowning myself with trying to save & pay off my debt. When I first met Stephen I was thrilled to start this new journey. His charismatic and selfless personality filled the room with positive energy. Not only I was invested in my financial goals but he was too.

Early 40's Married Couple

Atlanta, GA

Meeting with a financial coach has helped us to be intentional about our goal to pay off debt. Stephen helped us organize everything, and did a lot of work in organizing a spreadsheet for us that showed us where our money had been going to. He actually spent a lot of time doing this exercise for us, and the information Stephen uncovered was invaluable. 

How Does It Work?



  • 15 minute phone call or video chat with an Atlanta-area financial coach

  • Talk about the area(s) of money that you'd like to make progress in

Monthly Coaching

  • Monthly subscription package that includes one, 60-minute meeting & one, 15-minute check-in. All meetings are virtual


  • We follow a three-month plan to build a realistic budget, a plan for debt payoff/emergency savings & habits to achieve it

  • Begin seeing progress

Monthly Accountability

  • Monthly subscription package that includes one, 30-minute meeting OR two, 15-minute check-in meetings a month. All meetings are virtual

  • If you know you need someone to continue checking in with you to make sure you follow the habits established during Coaching, this will ensure that you stick with the plan


Strategy Session

Strategy Session


  • One 1.5 hour meeting virtually​

  • Determine a step-by-step roadmap to achieve your goals

  • Have a plan that will lead to less financial stress in the future

  • Email access with Accredited Financial Counselor for one month after your meeting

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