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Accountability Details
Coaching and Coach Details
  • Help client establish and maintain a monthly budget and money goals.

  • Reminder calls/texts/emails from MoneyPath holding client accountable to its self-identified life, savings, retirement, and other financial goals.

  • Upon request, MoneyPath will review client finances and help client update or revise its self-identified budget, money goals and life, savings, retirement, and other financial goals.

  • One-hour coaching sessions held virtually with Zoom.

  • Educate and empower the client to establish and follow a monthly budget and be more intentional about their money.

  • Educate and empower client to find and maintain monthly margin in their budget.

  • Educate and empower client to create and follow their own self-identified MoneyPath to save more, pay debt and/or direct margin toward self-identified savings, debt, and retirement, investment and other financial and life goals.

  • Client remains in control of its budgets, savings, payments, financial plans and strategies as well as the purchase of any (i) insurance products (whether life, disability or related insurance products), (ii) securities, investments, retirement or related investment products, (iv) brokerage services, or (v) financial planning or advisor products or services.

Additional Info for All Plans
  • Information session call is free and available to everyone regardless if they become a customer or not

  • All services are recurring. Initial billing date will be the day of initial coaching meeting and will stay the same each month, unless notified or requested otherwise, thereafter. 

  • Customers can roll over up to three months of unused meetings.

  • Customers typically begin in Coaching and move to Accountability for maintenance.

  • Packages can be combined if customer wants weekly accountability meetings in addition to coaching.

Charges and Payments for Services: MoneyPath provides its services and charges its client on a “Fee-Only” basis meaning the only source of compensation we receive for our services is from fees paid directly to us from our clients (we do not receive or accept commissions, success fees or referral fees from or arising out of the sale, recommendation or referral of any service, product or other third party professional).  Client shall be responsible for the payment of any and all fees arising under the engagement that is signed prior to beginning services.  Client shall pay MoneyPath for any applicable service prior to such service being provided by MoneyPath at the rates set forth in the engagement agreement and in accordance with the other terms in that agreement, as amended from time to time. The rates are based on the experience and knowledge of MoneyPath and its members as well as market rates for financial coaching services.  MoneyPath accepts payment via cash, check, Square and PayPal (at

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