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Quick Ways To Earn & Save

Does it feel like a chore to save money sometimes...okay, maybe all of the time? Here's a list of some quick ideas that you can use to earn or save a few bucks quickly. These may range from big to tiny, but hey, every dollar adds up, right?

- Stop renting your modem/router from the cable company & buy your own modem/router

- Sell some old stuff on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc (if you haven't used it in a year, do you really need it?)

- Start tracking your expenses (you'll start thinking twice about every purchase if you do this)

- Meal plan & grocery shop for lunches & dinners instead of eating out as often

- Utilize digital coupons from your grocery store. For ex, you can load coupons on a Kroger Plus card right from your computer or their app

- Get a second opinion on your auto insurance to see if you can get the same coverage for a better rate

- Review your cell phone plan to see if you use as much data as you purchase each month

- Check to see if your cell phone provider offers discounts through your employer

- Re-shop your cable/internet

- Cancel cable & switch to a service like YouTube TV or Sling

- Review all of your subscriptions...are you still paying for some things that you never use anymore?

- Check out your health insurance to see if they have a rewards program. Mine has offered this the past few years & it's taken just a few steps to get $100 in gift cards

- Make a list of the items you need before going to the grocery store & especially stores like Target, Wal-Mart or even before logging on to Amazon

- Buy a coffee maker & make coffee at home (yes, it's not the same, but this is a blog about saving money, right haha)

- Do basic cleaning/maintenance on your appliances (no joke, we bought a $7 hose for our dryer recently & it cut the amount of cycles we run in half!)

- Consider trying out store brands of some items you typically buy

- Carpool a day or two to work each week, if possible

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