What Is MoneyPath?

September 4, 2017

I’m Stephen Newland, the founder of MoneyPath, a MoneyPath coach & an Accredited Financial Counselor.  I set out to start MoneyPath because I saw how confusing money could be for people, including myself (If you’d like to check out my money story, click here). The mission of MoneyPath is to help people gain confidence with money.  I think that is best done when you have someone to not only provide education & motivation, but also accountability. Without all three, progress can be hard to come by when it comes to money goals - I’ve seen it first hand through a financial education program that I run at a local Atlanta church. What I’ve found is that when education, motivation & accountability are all present is when the best progress happens. 


So, here’s how MoneyPath works.  First, you set up some time to talk with me to talk through why you might be interested in working with a money coach & I’ll tell you more about what we offer.  Next, we’ll set up some time for an initial session where one of our money coaches (currently just me) will gather some more information & talk through what specific areas of money you want to focus on. During the session, the coach will provide education around the topic(s) that you’d like to discuss, motivation to create a goal around this topic as well as practical steps on how to accomplish the goal.  You’ll also talk with your coach about a suggested meeting schedule going forward.  You may just want to meet once & that’s great, but we can also provide additional sessions to go deeper into a topic or dive into another topic.  After you feel like you don’t need to meet anymore, we offer an on-going accountability partner service.  With this, a coach will call, text or e-mail you (your preference) once a week to see how progress is going on the goals that you established during your sessions. 


Navigating all of the information floating around about money can be tough – we’d love to walk with you through that & help you move the next step down the path that you’d like to go with money.



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